DMA Traumatic Brain Injury Examinations

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1. What should the examiner keep in mind for evaluating residuals of TBI? (Select all that apply)
2. Which C&P-certified clinicians may conduct an initial TBI residuals evaluation if no qualified TBI diagnosis is in the claimant’s medical records? (Select all that apply)
3. Which attributes of diagnoses are acceptable for C&P purposes? (Select all that apply)
4. You should ask about the ­­­­____ for each symptom reported by the Veteran or Servicemember. (Select all that apply)
5. Which actions are required from completing a TBI Residuals documentation protocol? (Select all that apply)
6. Which statement is NOT true of evaluating cognitive problems during a C&P TBI Residuals examination?
7. A TBI is defined as a traumatically induced structural injury and/or psychological disruption of brain function as a result of an external force. The onset of worsening of one of more clinical signs immediately following the event indicate TBI. (Select all that apply)
8. Which action should be avoided if a C&P examiner identifies an abnormal finding or diagnosis that requires follow up?
9. Which expectations for the history interview are the same whether you conduct an increase or review C&P TBI Residuals examination? (Select all that apply)
10. Which statement is NOT true of TBI severity for purposes of a C&P TBI Residuals examination?

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