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1. Which recommendation is NOT correct for interacting with a claimant during a C&P examination?
2. An examiner must fill in the functional impact section of each documentation protocol with statements about how the evaluated condition impacts the Veteran’s or Servicemember’s daily life including employment, personal, or social activities. Which functional impact statement is not acceptable?
3. Which kinds of diagnoses are NOT permitted on documentation protocols? (Select all that apply.)
4. Select members of the main audience for a C&P examination report. (Select all that apply.)
5. Which statement is true of the examiner’s role in the C&P process?
6. Examiner A completed a documentation protocol for a C&P examination. Which actions should she take before she submits it? (Select all that apply)
7. Which actions should an examiner take during a C&P examination when a claimant has a suspicious or noted condition that requires emergent medical care? (Select all that apply)
8. Which topic should an examiner NOT discuss with a Veteran or Servicemember at the close of a C&P examination?
9. Which statements are true about lay evidence? (Select all that apply)
10. Veterans and some Servicemember’s die by suicide at a higher rate than the general population. Which statement is not true of risk in Veterans and Servicemembers? (Select all that apply)

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