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1. True or false? Chronic fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome are the same; either is a chronic multi-symptom illness that has to meet specific VA guidelines for diagnosis.
2. True or false? A Veteran with a structural bowel disease cannot also have a functional bowel disease.
3. Fill in the blank: Certain infectious diseases, such as brucellosis and shigella, are presumed to be service connected for Persian Gulf Veterans if the disease manifests within _____________ of the Veteran’s departure from the Southwest Asia theater of operations.
4. One of the three conditions below is not a (2) medically unexplained chronic multi-symptom illness. Select the illness that is not included in this category.
5. Fill in the blank. Determining that a Veteran qualifies as having Gulf War service is the responsibility of ____________. Select the correct answer.
6. One of the following countries is included in the description of Gulf War service found in 38 CFR 3.317. Select the correct answer.
7. True or false? A sufficient medical opinion is self-explanatory and does not require a supporting rationale.
8. True or false? If a Veteran continued to have similar bowel problems for years after the acute episode of infectious diarrhea, the later bowel problems could not be determined to be symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome because they began as infectious diarrhea.
9. True or false? The Veteran is required to claim all specific environmental hazards that he or she believes have caused his or her symptoms.
10. Which one of the following descriptions applies to Gulf War Service for VA purposes? Select the correct answer.

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