Based in Houston, Texas, with dozens of offices nationwide, VES has been in business for over 35 years.

We conduct Compensation & Pension exams to help determine whether a Veteran’s condition is service-related (so necessary treatment will be covered by the VA) or whether a service-related condition has worsened. Our doctors conduct the examinations, and we send Veterans to a hospital or clinic in their area to attend diagnostic testing to support their claims. These are basic diagnostic tests and there is no treatment involved. We have a physician that orders the tests and we fax the order to the facility and call to make appointments when necessary. Your facility would deal directly and only with us.

As the VA prohibits Veterans from being billed for services in relation to these exams, we work closely with your billing team right upfront to ensure VES is the sole payee for all services we request, and only the tests we ask for are performed. We do not wait for the VA to reimburse us—we pay you first and seek VA reimbursement separately.

Currently, diagnostic tests require a claim in order to be paid. Claims may be sent to us by mail, fax, or email.

Our claims billing information is:

Veterans Evaluation Services
PO Box 924089
Houston, Texas 77292

Fax: 832.320.3910

Email: vesbilling@vesservices.com

The most common tests we order include:

Basic Labs (UA dipstick, CBC, CMP, Thyroid panel, HEP C, etc.)
Basic X-Rays
Basic UGI (barium swallow with colorimetry, no scope)
Basic Treadmill Stress Test (no nuclear testing)
Basic Echocardiogram
PFT (Pre and post bronchial dilator)
ABI (peripheral blood pressure test with doppler)

Our ordering and billing processes currently work like this:

1. We receive the Veteran’s file from VA for processing.

2. We schedule the diagnostic test(s) needed with the Facility, and/or fax a diagnostic order to the appropriate department(s).

3. We send the Veteran (by USPS) an appointment letter with a map & directions and the diagnostic order.

4. Once the Veteran has attended, the Facility faxes the report to us via our secure fax line.

5. We receive the report and mark the procedure(s) as completed in our system.

6. Facility faxes or mails a UB claim form outlining the CPT code for the actual diagnostic procedure(s) performed.

7. Our billing team compares the CPT codes with what was ordered. We receive and process UB’s throughout the month. Our billing team is currently in the process of automatically paying out on diagnostic tests. Please note your facility may be paid even if we have not received a UB 1500.

8. We pay by paper check, with attached EOB we send to your billing address.

If any part of this process does not work for you, we are constantly improving it, and are willing to make adjustments that meet your facility’s needs. For example, our development team is in the process of allowing EFT payments to diagnostic facilities.

Please contact us toll-free 877-637-8387 should you have any questions or concerns, or if you need any further information.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you, and we look forward to the possibility of doing business with you.