Camp Lejeune Contaminated Water Independent Medical Opinion Training

If you have any questions during your training, please contact our credentialing department at:
We’re happy to assist!

Please do not contact VA or TMS directly.

Credential Requirements:

Medical Doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathy (DO)

Board certification in Occupational Medicine

Completion of all General Medical modules:

DMA Aggravation Opinions
DMA General Certification
DMA Gulf War – General Medical Examination
DMA Medical Opinions
DMA Military Sexual Trauma
DMA Musculoskeletal
DMA Traumatic Brain Injury
VES General Knowledge

Active license in your state

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in completing CLCW IMOs please contact:

Training Required:

In addition to completing the above General Medical training modules (which do not need to be repeated if you have already completed them) all CLCW IMO “SMEs” (Subject Matter Experts) must complete the following steps:

1.       Review the following PDF slideshows:

a.     CLCW Carcinogens-What You Need to Know-2017
b.     History_of_Camp_Lejeune_2017
c.     Obtaining_an_Exposure_History-2017
d.     Camp Lejeune Dates of Service CLCW SME Training
e.     Lit_Review_Stat_Summary_2017
f.      Toxicologic_Consequences_of_the_Major_Contaminants_2017_v2
g.     Methodology_for_Developing_a_Defensible_MO-2017_Part_1
h.     Methodology_for_Developing_a_Defensible_MO-2017_Part_2
i.      Framework_for_Causation_Analysis_of_Toxic_Exposure_Claims-2017

2.       Review the following documents:

a.      CAATS_CLCW_SME_MO – An example of how a VA exam request for a CLCW Medical Opinion may look when received by VES.
b.      CLCW_Template_Example – A sample of a completed CLCW Medical Opinion.
c.      CLCW_Bibliography – A list of articles and resources for potential use when formulating a CLCW Medical Opinion.

3.       Lastly, complete an interactive case review over the phone with our Medical Director, Dr. Jeffrey Middeldorf.

He can be reached by e-mail at: