Military Sexual Trauma and the Disability Quiz

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True or false? The perpetrator of MST must be a stranger or a superior officer.
True or false? MST is a diagnosis.
True or false? Only select VA medical centers provide MST -related mental health outpatient services.
Which of the following suggestions applies if a Veteran discloses an MST experience during a disability examination?
Examiners should follow one of the four suggestions below when conducting a trauma-sensitive examination. Select the correct answer.
Resulting from the Patton v. West case, three of the following four considerations guide VBA in developing evidence to support a claim for MST -related PTSD. Select the consideration that does not apply.
VBA is requesting a clinician's opinion about a marker and its relationship to the claimed in-service MST event, not whether the examiner can be certain that the event occurred. To that end, two of the following three statements about the examiner's opinion are correct. Select the statement that is not correct.
True or false? According to a recent Bureau of Justice Statistics report, most rapes and sexual assaults that occurred in the United States between 2006 and 2010 were reported to authorities.
An MST Coordinator performs many functions at his or her facility. Select the function that is generally not performed by an MST Coordinator. Select the incorrect answer.
True or false? VBA sent notification letters to Veterans in 2013 and 2014 that offered a re-evaluation, under certain conditions, of previously denied MST-related PTSD claims.
One of the following suggestions should be used by a mental health disability examiner for documenting a marker in an MST-related PTSD claim. Select the correct answer.
Although you express concerns for a Servicemember's confidentiality, a Servicemember may still choose to disclose MST to you during an SHA. When this happens, which response is correct?
If a Servicemember discloses MST during an SHA, which suggestion is correct for documenting MST in the examination report?