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1. What are the major differences between a treatment examination and a forensic legal examination?
2. The main reason(s) a disability exam is requested by DOD or VBA is to achieve which of the following goals?
3. The DBQ may help accomplish which of the following tasks?
4. Which of the following are among the most common examination priorities for C&P musculoskeletal examinations? Select all that apply.
5. True or false? A common meaning of a flare-up is any temporary or recurring significant increase in symptoms or complaints associated with the condition.
6. Which of the following is NOT among the basic components of the C&P musculoskeletal examination? Select all that apply.
7. When examining lower extremities you may need to observe and record which of the following?
8. True or false? You must report the type and exact level of an amputation.
9. True or false? If a diagnosis for a condition is already well established you do not need to order further diagnostic studies.
10. When is it most ideal to begin documenting most of your examination findings?

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