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1. What assessments should a Mental Status Examination (MSE) include?
2. For legal purposes, an initial Mental Disorders disability examination report requires answers to all but one of the following four questions. Select the question that is NOT considered by the examiner when completing an examination report.
3. True or false? The initial examination for mental disorders must provide a complete review of a Veteran's or Service member's psychiatric symptoms in order to provide a well-supported diagnosis of a mental disorder.
4. A Mental Disorders DBQ or other documentation protocol is used for which purpose? Select the correct answer from the following four choices.
5. True or false? You only need to review parts of the C-file that have been tabbed.
6. True or false? The Veteran's or Service member's C-file is public record rather than private information.
7. True or false? Because some Veterans or Servicemembers may find it difficult to discuss emotional and behavioral issues with the examiner it is crucial for the examiner to establish rapport and avoid judgmental observations.
8. True or false? The examiner should be alert to any information from the Veteran relative to possible Military Sexual Trauma, because mental disorders are sometimes diagnosed in Veterans who screen positive for MST.
9. Which of the following four choices is not required for a diagnosis on an initial Mental Disorders disability examination report?
10. True or false? If multiple mental disorders are diagnosed in an initial Mental Disorders disability examination, the examination report should delineate the symptoms associated with each disorder.

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