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1. Who is responsible for determining whether or not to grant service connection for PTSD to a Veteran or Servicemember? Select from the following four choices.
2. What is a claim for increase? Please pick the correct definition below.
3. True or false? The DBQ or other documentation protocol is in place to help ensure that information needed for rating purposes is captured for consideration by the VBA adjudicative staff.
4. True or false? VHA is ultimately responsible for deciding whether an examination will be conducted via telemental health technology.
5. Which of the following four areas is not a focus area of the Initial PTSD disability examination?
6. True or false? Veterans or Servicemembers undergoing any transitions, including the disability examination process for PTSD, may be at higher risk for suicide and should be provided with information about the Veterans Crisis Line.
7. A Mental Status Examination (MSE) includes which of the following? Select the best answer from the following three options.
8. If you have a question about an examination request, when is the best time to contact the appropriate person for clarification? Select the correct answer from the following three choices.
9. True or false? For VA benefits purposes, competency refers to the ability of the Veteran or Servicemember to manage VA benefit payments in his or her own best interest.
10. True or false? In the DSM-5, in order to be diagnosed with PTSD, an individual must have been exposed to actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violence.

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