Exams Performed by Specialty:
Audiology Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Disability Benefits Questionnaire

Please contact if you are interested in performing Compensation and Pension Exams for VES.

Your audio-booth must be sound isolated and OSHA/ADA compliant.

Audio Tests Required:
Audiogram (Puretone and Bone Conduction thresholds)
Acoustic Reflex Testing/ Tympanometry (ipsilateral and contralateral acoustic reflexes)
Speech Discrimination Testing (using a Maryland CNC word list provided by VES)
Stenger Testing

Audio Credential Requirements:
Au.D (Doctor of Audiology)
MA (Masters in Audiology)
M.S. (Masters in Science)
PHD in Audiology or Speech Pathology
Active License in your State

DEMO Training Required:
DEMO training is required for all providers who perform Compensation and Pension exams for veterans. This training informs providers how to conduct exams, the language needed in DBQs, and the VA’s requirements. Providers who work with VES must complete all DEMOs and turn in the DEMO/HIPAA page in their credentialing packet before they are able to perform C&P exams.

General Certification DEMO
Gulf War – General Medical Examination
VES General Knowledge
Military Sexual Trauma DEMO
Medical Opinions DEMO
Aggravation Opinions DEMO

Please contact or your Provider Recruiter if you have any questions or concerns regarding DEMO training.