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1. You are conducting a C&P examination of a claimant whose entrance examination record reflects no preexisting conditions. During the medical history interview, the claimant tells you that she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia before enlistment. How should you respond?
2. Which of the following statements regarding presumption of soundness is not correct?
3. One of the following descriptions of a noted condition is correct. Select the correct description.
4. True or false? According to 38 CFR 3.304(b), evidence used to support a determination that natural progression caused a condition to worsen is not required to meet the clear and unmistakable (undebatable) standard
5. All but one of the following statements about secondary (Allen) aggravation are correct. Select the incorrect statement.
6. True or false? The relaxed standard of proof described in 38 CFR 3.306(b)(2) means that the development of symptomatic manifestations of a preexisting disease or injury during or proximately following combat will establish aggravation of a disability.
7. Under certain conditions, VBA will accept lay or other evidence that an injury or disease was incurred or aggravated in combat. Which condition does not apply to acceptable evidence for combat-related aggravation?
8. Diseases of congenital, developmental or familial (hereditary) origin may be subject to which of the following kinds of service connection? Select the correct answer.
9. Fill in the blank. The Veteran claims aggravation of his noted preexisting pes planus. The Veteran’s entrance and exit exam reports do not document any change in his congenital pes planus. However, while on active duty, the Veteran was seen a number of times for foot pain, but did not require treatment other than OTC pain relievers. The Veteran currently remains asymptomatic, which would indicate that his reported complaints in service were due to ______________.
10. If, in your opinion, a preexisting condition was aggravated by service, your rationale should explain all but one of the following considerations for the adjudicator. Select the consideration that does not apply.

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